Female High School Student with Teacher at Computer - Private Special Education, North Plainfield, NJWe see the potential in every student. Our challenging curricula are fully aligned with New Jersey’s Common Core Standards. Our instructional strategies – all based on research – allow students to develop the knowledge, skills, and tools, they need to achieve.


We take literacy very seriously for students of ALL AGES, and we do not give up.

Students begin their journey through literacy from the moment they walk in our door. Classrooms are stocked with a rich array of age-appropriate reading materials from poetry to novels, from magazines to anthologies, from posters to word walls. Each student is given a Chromebook to use throughout the day.

Because many of our students come to us with learning disabilities, and may be performing well below grade level in academic areas, we begin with a comprehensive reading assessment to evaluate the five pillars of reading: phonological processing, phonics (decoding, word study), fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.

Did you know?

  • Our Principal is a Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant (LDT-C) and Dyslexia Specialist, and is trained as an Orton-Gillingham instructor

  • Our LDT-C is a Reading Specialist who is trained in Wilson Reading Program® and is a trainer for Project Read

Our staff are trained in a wide range of evidence-based reading programs:

  • Project Read®

  • Wilson Reading®

  • Orton Gillingham

  • Steck-Vaughn Gateways®

  • The Reading Gateway® Program, built on research that addresses what struggling readers and English Language learners (ELLs) need to succeed.

We offer Mind Play®, a comprehensive computer-based program that functions as a virtual reading coach. The program is available to students both at school and at home.

For all students – including those who do not have weaknesses in reading – we provide challenging, high-interest materials and novels supporting the Language Arts Literacy Standards which are directly connected to the Common Core standards.

Elementary Academics

Our curriculum is tailored for each child and aligned with the Common Core standards for Language Arts and Math. Additional subjects are aligned with the Common Core Content Curriculum standards. Students experience Language Arts, Math, and Social Studies in their self-contained classroom with co- teachers or a teacher and assistant. Students participate in Science, Music, and Art in classrooms with highly qualified co-teachers.

Reading and Language Arts are an important part of our program: we want to ensure that all students can read and write. Language Arts at Honor Ridge includes Reading, Writing, Grammar, Handwriting and Spelling. Teachers differentiate their lessons and utilize manipulatives, technology, and other tools, and strategies, such as scaffolding to ensure student learning.

High School Academics

Our English, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies programs are four-year curricula designed to prepare each student for post-secondary education. We provide a hands-on lab period for each science class, and offer both advanced and remedial classes in all subject areas.

Honor Ridge Academy uses community-based and experiential learning to broaden understanding, encourage social skills, and foster independence. Our Marine Biology students engage in field experiences at Sandy Hook to further their understanding of marine life.

Our courses in Physical Education/Health, Art, Music, World Languages, and Graphic Arts, help ensure that each student has a well-rounded education.

Academic Courses Include:

  • Basic Math, Consumer Math, Pre-Algebra & Algebra

  • Geometry & Trigonometry

  • Environmental Science & Lab

  • Marine Biology & Lab

  • Oceanography & Lab

  • Integrated Science & Biology with Lab

  • Language Arts

  • English I – IV

  • Creative Writing

  • British and American Literature

  • Social Studies and U.S. History

  • World History and Cultures

  • U.S. History

  • American Government

  • Physical Education and Health

  • Spanish I

Teacher and students in music class - Honor Ridge Academy, private special education, North Plainfield NJElective Courses

  • Career Exploration & Awareness

  • College Orientation

  • Intro to Career Tech Education

  • Financial Literacy

  • Art & Intro to Illustration

  • Graphic Arts

  • Music

  • Instrumental Music

  • Music Composition & Music Appreciation

  • Life Skills

  • Cooking

  • Industrial Arts – Woodworking & Gardening

Transition Planning and Services

We provide each student with a diverse and educationally well-rounded curriculum designed to prepare our learners for a variety of post-secondary options.

The Transition Coordinator and LDT-C oversee career and college planning, the New Jersey Can program, and coordinate access to post-secondary supports offered through the New Jersey Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) and the New Jersey Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services (DVRS). Our career exploration classes provide skills that can be used in the work world.

Technology for the 21st Century

At Honor Ridge Academy, we teach students to use technology for school and adult life, exposing them to the latest in educational technology. Students learn to use digital media to leverage their interests and goals; search and apply for jobs; research colleges; plan trips and complete homework.

  • Every student has a Chromebook

  • Classrooms are equipped with interactive White Boards

  • Web-based teacher pages provide expanded learning opportunities

  • Students learn internet and social media safety