About 25 students from Honor Ridge Academy were invited to the Roxey Ballet Co. in Lambertville for an educational dance program that celebrated diversity.

Inspired by an anti-bullying theme, the program seeks to teach students that being different is natural and diversity should be embraced.

This program uses a variety of contemporary dance styles, from Hip Hop to ballet, to tell stories and convey emotions on significant social issues, including racial, religious, and ethnic diversity.

Through dance, the program teaches the need for people to be tolerant and accepting of differences.

“Many of our students didn’t think they would like the show, but after it was over, they all really enjoyed it,” said Principal Maria Torres.

Before the show began, Mark Roxey, the artistic director of the Roxey, asked the audience for volunteers. Two students, Abdel and Raquan, volunteered. With the audience cheering them on, they performed a Hip Hop number.

The program is the recipient of the NJ Governors Award for Artistic Excellence in Programming and meets the NJ Core Curriculum Standards for the arts.